Would your MOT Station survive a DVSA inspection for MOT Compliance?

MOT Managers are responsible for MOT Compliance – for making sure that the VTS maintains the standards required by the DVSA.

There are no hard and fast rules for compliance.  The DVSA realises that a VTS can be effective and compliant by using systems and methods different to the ones described within the Guide to Risk Reduction.  You need to be able to show that the methods you use are effective.

An MOT Manager/AEDM should make regular checks that the VTS is meeting best practice standards.

The DVSA will carry out regular site assessments to make sure that standards are met.  A site assessment will focus on 4 main areas –

Customer, Management, Employee, Vehicle Testing Station.

You can reduce your risk score if you:

  • regularly review your VTS in relation to DVSA’s Site Assessment Risk Scoring Guide
  • implement changes that will prevent non-compliance
  • manage quality control frequency in relation to the vehicle age profile of your VTS
  • promptly address any compliance issues identified during your site assessment
  • keep your passwords and personnel data secure
  • maintain clean and usable customer areas
  • ensure that all public notices and information signs are clearly visible, accurate and in good condition
  • actively manage all your workshop activities
  • implement a readily retrievable document system
  • use an effective vehicle handover process
  • understand how and when scheme changes will impact on your business
  • make sure your staff understand and implement scheme changes
  • make sure all relevant staff understand contingency testing procedures
  • actively retain experienced staff
  • base staff incentive schemes on quality
  • use a quality management system that delivers an improvement in testing consistency
  • document your staffs training requirements and implement requirements
  • clearly define work areas to enable efficient working practices
  • organise the layout of your tools, equipment and consumables
  • keep work areas clean, tidy and free from hazards
  • implement a systematic approach to equipment maintenance, repair and calibration

If the inspector doesn’t feel that you are providing a good service the DVSA can take disciplinary action which could include a short or long term closure of your MOT service.

Do you need help with your MOT Compliance? 

Any MOT station can, of course, take care of their own compliance and it is certainly not compulsory to use the services of a third party.  However the Guide to MOT Risk Reduction states – “If evidence of a third party QM system can be verified during a Site Assessment visit, this will be recognised and give an AE a reduced MOT Risk score”.

Compliance help can start from as little as £99 plus VAT for a Compliance Folder containing advice and instructions.  Let us know what you need and we will create an appropriate solution for you. 

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